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Barry Oak

I’m a carpenter by trade and retired in 2016 after 25yrs teaching woodwork. Working with wood has always been a passion of mine and I have always enjoyed creating and making items for family and friends. Retirement has enabled me to devote time to improving my woodturning skills. I first became interested in woodturning in 1998 and purchased my first lathe.

I turn mainly wooden bowls and platters from local sourced sustainable wood that I collect myself. I love seeing what mother nature gives us, since no two pieces of wood are the same. Not only the nice figured grain that I often find, but the defects in the wood (cracks, knots, etc,) that can be the highlight of the piece. I have always strived to produce work of the highest quality.

As much fun as it is making my pieces, I get more satisfaction out of seeing people use and enjoy them, whether it is a utility bowl used for food or a decorative art piece on the shelf.